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 Restauracja Stary Piec
Restauracja Pizzeria Rezerwacja stolików lub wynajem sal Dostępna sala dla niepalących Możliwa zapłata kartą
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ul. Skalica 23, Kraków

Stary Piec Restaurant (literally, Old Oven) is a place with a passion for cooking and bringing people together to eat. Our love and passion for Italian food and Neapolitan pizza fuels our vision to serve our guests authentic pizza. Definitely, we are not fast food. In contrary, we create our Pizza from fresh, all-natural and organic ingredients, according to the traditional recipe. Our unique flavor is created due to the traditional wood fired oven. What’s more, especially, for our little customer we prepared hand made pierogi with: blackberries, white cheese and strawberries, meat, and traditional ruskie. For parents, we would like to offer wide variety of vines, beers and popular in Central and Eastern Europe- Kvass Retro Gira (a fermented beverage made from black or regular rye bread).
With an eye to babies Stary Piec prepared an highchair as well as children’s table with a chair set and accessories. Our Restaurant is very cosy, but also spacious. Surely, older children will feel comfortable and a stroller will have any problem to get inside. In addition, you will see and get knowledge how a authentic Italian pizza is made, step by step.
Stary Piec is located in the neighborhood of the hill in the vicinity of the Zakrzówek Lagoon, surrounded by rocks and formed in 1990 in place of the former quarry. Undoubtedly, it will be unforgettable experience for you and your family. Come here, get rest and try authentic Neapolitan pizza in Cracow!

Example of liquor's prices:
Beer:Okocim lane - 6,oo(duże)
Wine:Wino czerwone półwytrawne PREMIO (Chile) - 5,oo(lampka) / 3o,oo(dzbanek)

Buffet:beer, wine, drinks, soft drinks, coffee, tea, warn dishes, Pierogi
recommended specialties:Włoska Pizza
Music:chill out, jazz, pop
Entertainment:  TV, big screen

Opening hours:Monday-Sunday: 13.oo-22.oo
Sitting places: 23+ 18 ogródek


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