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 Loch Ness
Pub Klub Muzyczny Dyskoteka Koncerty Miejsce do tańczenia Obecny DJ Wieczory tematyczne Viewing parties Rezerwacja stolików lub wynajem sal
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ul. Warszawska 15-17
WWW: www.lochness.pl

tel. (12)6312591

The club is situated in the backyard so while going along Warszawska street you can only see a big yellow sign saying “Loch Ness”. Despite the name suggesting Scottish atmosphere, the place, named after the most famous Scottish lake, is nothing like a folklore pub. The atmosphere of the club is mainly made by the billiard tables [a 12-feet full size snooker table (the rules of the game are at www.lochness.pl) and an 8-feet pool table], which are often used during snooker tournaments. There is also a special room for poker, Garllando soccer tables (1 game = 12 balls for only 1 PLN), darts, chess and cards. Every Friday you can have fun during karaoke till 3 am. We have also remembered about the nearby Polytechnic and Arts Academy students who can find a quiet place to learn with a glass of their favourite drink. Not long ago there has been wireless internet access installed (the friendly club certificate) which is absolutely free for the customers. At the bar you can even borrow a network card for free!!
At “Loch Ness” there are also concerts taking place – from the unknown groups to the western stars. The high level of such events is provided by the professional technicians and sound producers. The security of the guests is taken care of by the licensed security company – SOLID and by the CCTV in the whole place – the cameras are recording non-stop.

Example of liquor's prices:
Beer:Heineken - 5,oo(duże)
Warka Jasne - 3,oo(duże) / 2,5o(małe)
Wine:Martini - 8,oo(lampka)
Drinks:wódka z sokiem - 6,5o

Buffet:beer, wine, drinks, soft drinks, coffee, tea, cakes, snacks, warn dishes
Music:Totalnie wszystko !!
Parties:concerts and gigs, dancing, DJ, specific thematic evenings, viewing parties, special offers
Entertainment:  TV, big screen, darts, football table, pool table, press, chess, gaming cards

Opening hours:Monday-Sunday: 9.oo-o.oo
Friday: 9.oo-3.oo

legitymacja studencka
Sitting places: 2oo+ 1oo ogródek

Toilet standard: 4/5
RAT RACE TOUR 2006 w Loch Ness (30.IX.2006r.)
Koncert Agressiva 69
Crack Attack metal fest 2005
Indios Bravos oraz Lion Vibrations
Kombii w Loch Ness


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